old asphalt shingles with leaves

Many homeowners wonder: is it best to hire roof repair services or replace the roof? Experts estimate the cost of replacing a roof have nearly doubled in the last dozen years. That’s reason enough for homeowners to postpone roof replacement for as long as possible. And frankly, Ridgecon isn’t interested in pushing for a replacement if your roof still has some mileage left in it. Making a good decision is key to minimizing short and long term costs to you.

Talk to an expert about your roof’s condition and age. Then ask for possible solutions. Often times the source of a roof leak is not the shingles. It may be any number of reasons:

  • Perhaps the 15-year caulk installed at the same time as a 25-30 year shingle has aged out of its function.
  • Could be the source of your leak is a deteriorating rubber boot flashing around a soil stack protruding through your roof.
  • Slightly less common, it could be the aging masonry work about your chimney.
  • Or, maybe a particular valley is just worn while the rest of your roof planes still look good.
  • Lastly, a “roof leak” could actually be condensation dripping in your attic due to a ventilation issue.

A badly damaged roof with missing shingles in need of repair in detroit

If your roofing expert identifies any of these causes for your roof leak, you may find yourself in need of a very affordable repair that can be done in short order and keep you safe and dry for the remainder of your roof’s life.

However, if you are experiencing more serious and chronic roofing issues like those outlined below, a replacement may be a foregone conclusion.

  • You have an active roof leak every time it rains, not just in high winds, as a result of ice dams or the above repairable issues.
  • Shingles are blowing off in the slightest breeze, flapping like a stadium blanket in the wind would indicate your roof was improperly installed by an untrained rookie or remiss veteran.
  • Your asphalt shingles are more than 20-25 years old and crumbling.

Still undecided on what’s best for your home? Why not schedule a no charge phone consultation with one of our Home Pros? We are here to help.