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At Roofing Above All we strive to be more than one of the best metro Detroit roofing companies. Of course, roof installation and roof repair are our specialties, but really, people matter most. So, when we find an opportunity to give back in the Southeast Michigan communities we serve, we climb all over it!

Eastlawn Solor Training House Project

Take, for example, the Eastlawn Solar Training House Project. This Detroit-based nonprofit project is one way Tammy Black is bringing solar energy to Detroit neighborhoods and plans to train local residents in solar power installation. Since the purchase of a derelict house on Eastlawn in Detroit in 2022, many businesses have donated supplies and labor to help her see her vision become a reality. Roofing Above All was happy to be the roofing contractor on the job, donating roofing materials and labor amounting to roughly $8,000. Black’s response, as reported in this Detroit Free Press article titled “Businesses help Detroit nonprofit’s solar power training house project move forward” in October 2023? “It lets me know that there are really people who care about what happens to our environment — what we’re doing as far as working with the children in the community.”

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Donating a roof is just the beginning for this worthy endeavor. While the house needs much more and is projected to be finished in summer 2024, getting a roof replacement was a high priority and was completed early on. In addition to the new roof, the house now has new plumbing, basement and second story windows, landscaping and a new porch. It still needs work on the foundation. When that is done, Black intends to have children from the Community Treehouse Center Detroit learn from professionals as they work along with them on the remaining aspects of renovation. This includes drywall, a new kitchen and bathroom and an ADA-compliant ramp. 

The purpose of all of this effort is to create a solar power training house. An energy-efficient house that runs strictly off solar power and heat pumps. No gas. A house where people are able to get certified in solar installation and trained in workplace safety. Where local youth learn important skills from builders, electricians, and a real estate agent. And where everyone, including those with different abilities, can get involved with bringing solar power to the neighborhood.

Since solar panels and roofs are basically made for each other, we see the benefits in such a project.

Cost Savings: Solar Panels can significantly reduce or even eliminate electricity costs. Excess energy can be sold back to the grid, providing additional income.

Environmental benefits: Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, which helps with climate change.

Energy Independence: Electricity generated by solar panels reduces reliance on the grid, providing greater energy security.

Increased property value: Solar installations can increase the resale value of a home or commercial property.

Incentives and Rebates: There may be government incentives, tax credits, and rebates to promote solar adoption, making it even more affordable.

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So, to provide roofing services and help southeast Michigan neighborhoods get such benefits was something Roofing Above All was proud to do. In the words of Tammy Black, “It’s people and companies that care about our community.”