Roof estimation

When booking an appointment, you have three options to choose from. A short description of each (below) will help you decide what type of appointment is best for you. Aside from expert Detroit roofing services, our siding contractors perform vinyl siding, we offer gutter installation and roof insulation. Please proceed to book an estimate below.

  • In-Home Estimates are for people who know they need a new roof and are ready to get started now. It’s a meeting between you and a Ridgecon Home Pro that provides you with an opportunity to discuss your roof replacement needs and wants. There is no charge for an In-Home Estimate.
  • Phone Consultations are for people who just want to pick the brain of a roofing expert. Not sure if you even need a new roof? Then the Phone Consultation is for you. There is no charge for a Phone Consult.
  • Service Calls are for those who have an immediate roofing repair need. Service Calls start at $100.


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