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From our perspective, thermal efficiency around the roof area is crucial. Here are some suggestions by one of the best roofing contractors in Detroit, Roofing Above All.

Why is energy technology in roofing so significant?

Your house consumes energy and money. An average US household spends at least 1,900 dollars on home utility bills, and more than half of this sum (54 percent) is spent on heating and cooling. More specifically, 25 percent of the total energy loss concentrates around the roof-attic area, mainly because of improper insulation.

Insulation’s effectiveness is determined by heat flow resistance (measured in R-Value). The higher the value, the greater the resistance to the flow of heat. Under-insulated homes suffer substantial heat loss during the wintertime while they experience heat gain in summer.

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These tremendous differences force your home’s heating and cooling systems to work overtime. In exchange, you will have to spend more on your bills. Also, you will be wasting our planet’s limited natural resources.

A properly insulated home decreases pollutant- and greenhouse gas emissions and lifts the weight off your wallet.

attic insulation and ventilation

Use certified materials

Using Energy Star certified materials will surely save you money in this area and will also make your home more environment-friendly. Studies have shown, that with proper insulation, you can save as much as 20 percent of your energy bills, while it can also reduce the costs of heating and cooling by over 40 percent.

  • Improving home’s roof insulation can be achieved by utilizing loose-fill or batt insulation in an attic.
  • Installing air barriers (like wind baffles) along the attic eave will enhance energy efficiency.
  • In some cases, simply adding more fiberglass, rock wool, or cellulose can also help.
  • Sealing and insulating ducts in unconditioned spaces may also prove helpful.
  • Insulate all pipework in the attic hatch.
insulation of attic


Efficient insulation is a must in today’s world. An uninsulated or under-insulated home can cost homeowners a lot more than they may think. Investing or upgrading insulation will always be a smart and justified step to take. Energy costs are constantly rising, while our natural resources are decreasing. Conserving energy is one of the most important things of our time and though you may not be able to influence oil costs, by upgrading your home’s insulation you can save money and do your part in creating a more environment-friendly atmosphere!

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