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Roofing Replacement and Installation

If you’re contemplating an old roof replacement Roofing Above All has installed a new roof system every day for the last 30 years in Metro Detroit. Above all, we know you value long-lasting and safe products for your home and we will help you choose an adequate and affordable roof system, provide quality roof installation and service, and stand by all roofing materials and labor warranties.

As a certified Master Elite roofing contractor Roofing Above All was awarded the GAF President’s Club Designation in 2019, the highest level of recognition for a roofing company. Only roofing companies who are continually, professionally trained to install roofing systems with asphalt

shingles can qualify. Best of all our certification allows us to pass savings down to homeowners lowering your new roof cost.

Thousands of homeowners pledge their trust to Roofing Above All when installing residential roofing that withstand Michigan weather. Our excellent ratings with the State Consumers Bureau and Better Business Bureau testify we gained the trust of Detroit homeowners with the service we provide.

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Roofing Insulation

Roofing Above All has over three decades of experience in roof insulation systems. As industry leaders we are licensed roof insulation installers in Michigan offering all attic insulation material types: fiberglass, foam and cellulose. Our trained and certified roof insulation contractors will help you choose the right insulation according to the US Department of Energy R-value recommendations for the Metro Detroit area. Whether you require rolled or blown-in insulation, we can provide you with a price-worthy solution.

Investing in the recommended amount of roof insulation will protect your home from humid summers and frigid winters and benefit you all year round. Your heating and cooling system will consume less energy and you will spend less on your energy bills.

Plenty of satisfied customers are the best proof of our certified roof insulation practice. With less energy consumed you will contribute to your community, too. More energy-efficient houses produce fewer greenhouse gasses. The search for roofing companies near me ends with Roofing Above All.

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Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding has come a long way in the last 30 years since Roofing Above All started to install it on exteriors of Metro Detroit area homes. Today it is the most-popular choice material for both house remodeling and new house construction.

We offer a broad variety of vinyl siding colors, textures and brands with fully transferable lifetime warranties and we are factory trained to install both vertically, horizontally and customized designs. Hand the vinyl siding installation over to us, as we are certified local contractors! We will help you achieve the desired look on budget and share our practice and experience we gained over the last three decades.

Roofing Above All are the home exterior experts! That’s a fact, just scroll through the hundreds of positive reviews for successfully installed, repaired or replacement vinyl siding for Michigan homeowners. All you will find are testimonials raving about our service, pricing and the durability of their siding to withstands strong Michigan winds.

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Roofing Repair

Roofing Above All has over 30 years of experience in roof repair, from asphalt shingles to flat rubber roofing systems. We have fixed a wide array of leaking roof problems from small leaks to big structural breaches with damage caused by mold and mildew. Our trained and certified roofing contractors have fixed it all when it comes to residential roofing repair in the Metro Detroit area. We will assess the damage and provide you money-saving options to fit your budget and even help with insurance claims.

Thousands of happy families in the metro Detroit area trust Ridgecon | Roofing Above All. Want proof? We encourage you to reference our testimonials. We have 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp and Better Business Bureau and we strive to be the best roofing company in Michigan.

Michigan weather such as heavy rain, high humidity, frigid temperatures, hail and uplifting winds can wreak havoc on your home’s roof causing water leaks, rapid structural decay and even interior damage don’t delay your repair any longer!

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About us

Ridgecon is a family-owned roof company in Detroit, MI, known as Roofing Above All. For over 20 years, our roofing company has focused on residential roofing in Macomb County. And we strive to do it better than anyone.

We go above and beyond because we care about more than your roof. We care about the people living under it. That’s why our licensed builders and authorized installers ensure that your home is protected by an integrated roof system.

Our roof company also offers gutter installation and gutter guards, vinyl siding, attic insulation, and skylights. The expert team of roof installers has dedicated their lives to making families happy. As you can see, we offer various roofing services and we excel at all of them. Years of experience and satisfied customers testify to this.

Call us today to book an estimate for our Detroit roofing services.

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