Roofing Above All

Ridgecon is a family-owned roof company in Detroit, MI, known as Roofing Above All. For over 20 years, our roofing company has focused on residential roofing in Macomb County. And we strive to do it better than anyone.

We go above and beyond because we care about more than your roof. We care about the people living under it. That’s why our licensed builders and authorized installers ensure that your home is protected by an integrated roof system.

Our roof company also offers gutter installation and gutter guards, vinyl siding, attic insulation, and skylights. The expert team of roof installers has dedicated their lives to making families happy. As you can see, we offer various roofing services and we excel at all of them. Years of experience and satisfied customers testify to this.

Call us today to book an estimate for our Detroit roofing services.

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