moss on roof

How to Remove Moss from Roof

Your roof overgrown with thick moss can make your home look like it’s straight from a fairytale. Aside from that, moss on your roof can only degrade the shingles and do damage to the entire roof. Moss acts like a sponge, constantly absorbing moisture from its surrounding. You can save your roof from moss if it’s in small patches, but if it forms a thick layer it can cause leaking and shingle degradation. When left untreated for an extended amount of time, you will most likely need to redo your whole roof. Luckily it isn’t very hard to deal with moss on roof if a thick layer hasn’t formed yet. There are a lot of dry and liquid products that can help you clean your roof from moss and deal with it permanently. Why Is Moss Growing on my Roof? Cool and damp conditions are ideal for moss to thrive in. If it grows on your roof, it’s probably because your roof is shaded either by trees in your yard or other structures nearby. Environments like these allow moisture to linger and moss to grow. Moss is a non-vascular plant meaning it doesn’t absorb water through its roots, but insteadRead More…

how often should you clean out your gutters?

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned

One of the many backyard responsibilities homeowners have is cleaning the gutters. The most important question is – how often should I clean my gutters? The short answer is: pretty often. This, of course, depends on where the person lives and what foliage they have near their house. Our experts who install and repair gutters suggest that you should clean your gutters at least twice a year. However, if there are pine trees near the house, they should clean them every three months. Let’s get into specifics. The Importance of Having Your Gutters Cleaned It’s safe to say that gutter cleaning is one of the most essential tasks when it comes to home improvement. Cleaning the gutters on a regular basis not only improves the look of a house, but prevents issues like water damage, freezing, and mold. In other words, to keep your house healthy, you must have clean gutters. How to Spot Damage Made from Unclean Gutters? The main question here is – how often should gutters be cleaned? However, it’s not the only one. Spotting the damage from unclean gutters can sometimes be rather complicated and therefore, every homeowner should know how to detect said damage. Here’sRead More…

asphalt shingle warranty

Roof Shingles Warranty – What Are the Types and How to Protect Your Warranty

There is no doubt that setting up or replacing your roof is one of the biggest investments you will make regarding your home. That’s why it’s extremely important to truly understand what this endeavor entails and what you need to pay attention to when deciding which local roofing company to contract or what manufacturers’ offer to accept. Here, we are going to talk about asphalt roof shingles and about how to understand your roof shingles warranty. Below is a detailed guide that will show you how to assess if it’s time for a roof replacement and what types of roof warranties you can count on. How to Identify Defective Shingles The first thing you need to establish is if there are defective shingles on your roof or not. It would be good for someone to thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof from time to time. If there are some cracks and splits on shingles, chances are they were damaged in the past. Also, if you notice some bald spots that are in the process of flaking off, that is a concern and is a clear sign of defect. Bear in mind that your roof shingles won’t look as goodRead More…