Colorful playroom interior in converted attic.

Have you finally decided to clean up that dusty attic and turn it into a bedroom, a kids’ room, or any other kind of living space? It’s likely, you have been thinking about it for quite some time now, but still don’t know where to start and who to contact?

When you start a project like this there are many things to consider, such as insulation, is your attic properly insulated? Also, keep in mind the roof. Do you need to install a new roof before starting a project? Ridgecon – Roofing Above All, the best roofing contractors in Detroit are here to help you answer some of these questions.

Converting an empty attic

If your attic is empty, it has great potential to be transformed into an entertainment area, playroom, bedroom, or even a man cave. For most of us, the only problem with utilizing this already-existing space is more or less the cost of conversion. Luckily, you already have the existing framework of the roof to work with, so costs are much smaller than adding an entirely new addition or extension to your home.

bedroom in attic

Things to consider when converting attic

Nevertheless, there are some things you still have to take into consideration before starting this project.

7s rule

It’s not obligatory, but the 7s rule comes in pretty handy when assessing your possibilities. This rule means, at least half of your attic space must be 7 feet high by 7 feet wide, with a total of 70 square feet. Keep in mind, codes vary from place to place, but for using the attic as an actual room, this rule typically applies.

Access to new space

Accessing the new room – You should consider adding a permanent staircase because pull-down stairs are often a hassle and might not work for the new room. When adding a permanent staircase, it’s important to access the layout of the floor below. Where should the stairs begin, is there enough room for them, and how much living space will it take from the floor below.

The attic staircase must

  • Provide a minimum of 6’8″ of headroom the entire walking length of the stairs.
  • Be at least 36″ wide.
  • Have treads of at least 10″ deep.
  • Have risers that are at least 7 1/4″ high.
attic staircase

Insulation of a roof

Proper Roof Insulation – This room is going to be next to the roof, so you’ll find it feels cooler and warmer than the rest of the house depending on the weather. Because of this, proper attic insulation is a must for the new living space.

How to utilize the new living space?

skylight roof

Attics make pretty good playrooms as well. Kids can play here without messing up the rest of the house. The different layout of an attic can be fun for little ones. You can be creative with such large spaces, and your kids will most probably love it!

An attic can make a fine office space too. They are separated from the rest of the house, so you can work in peace.

Last, but not least, attics also make excellent bedrooms.

In conclusion, it is pretty clear, converting your attic to a living space shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, and it’s much cheaper than adding new extensions to a house since the space under the roof already exists. Just keep an eye out for some of the musts, like insulation, stairs, and roofing repairs, and the rest is up to your creativity.

If you are looking for further tips, don’t be shy, get in touch with us, we look forward to helping you!