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Spring Checklist for Your Roof

Roof integrity Now that winter is finally drawing to a close, and the mercury is slowly climbing back up the thermometer to comfortable levels, it’s time for homeowners to turn their minds to essential maintenance and repairs around the house. There is nothing more essential to the integrity of your home than your roof, so this should be your priority. Winter damages Winter is the season that can cause the most damage to the structural integrity of your home, and these negative effects are concentrated on the roof. There are three major threats brought about by winter weather, and they include; Snow Heavy snow can add up to 20 pounds of weight per cubic foot, and this can increase to 50 pounds per cubic foot if it thaws then refreezes. That kind of extra weight can damage not just your shingles but the actual structural support for your roof. Those damaged shingles can lead to very serious problems. Freeze and thaw cycles Particularly during early and late spring, snow and ice that collects and forms during the night can partially melt out during the day and then refreeze the following night. This can have disastrous consequences for your roof, asRead More…