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Increasing lifespan of a roof concept.

How Long Will a Roof Last?

How long will my roof last? This is a question that has plagued homeowners since prehistoric times when early man first threw a couple of leafy branches against a tree to make a shelter. And while modern roofs will undoubtedly last much longer than those primitive constructions, the answer is pretty much the same; It depends. There are many factors which will determine a roof’s lifespan, some of these, like the weather, are out of your control but others are firmly in your hands. If you follow the advice below, your roof should keep you safe and secure for roughly 20-50 years. Materials Installing a new roof is a significant investment if it’s done right, to begin with, you’ll save money in the long run. The first thing to do is ensure you choose the right materials. Make sure you choose shingles and good quality timber that suit your property and environment, and you’ll save yourself a lot of future headaches and sleepless nights. Installation The quality of the materials you choose won’t make any difference if they aren’t installed properly. There’s more to choosing a roofing contractor than simply finding the one who can give the cheapest quote. YourRead More…