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5 Essential Roofing Safety Tips

As a homeowner, you will inevitably be faced with the prospect of getting work done on your roof. If you’re a DIYer, you might decide to attempt the job yourself, especially if it’s relatively minor. If you decide to go 100% DIY on your roof maintenance, remember this: Whatever the size and complexity of the job, the risks you run are always the same. 5 Roofing Safety Tips We’ve prepared 5 Roofing Safety Tips and strongly recommend you follow them every time you go on your roof. 1. Preparation Never work in extreme temperatures as these can affect the shingles and sealant, or when the roof is wet and slippery. Once you have suitable weather conditions before you even get out your ladder you should do the following: Choose a site for your ladder that offers easy access to the roof Clear your work area and block it off from pets and children Lay out your materials and tools in the work area, so they are easy to get to Make sure you’re wearing soft-soled shoes as these provide the best traction Make a note of the location of potential hazards such as power lines or areas of the roofRead More…

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Spring Checklist for Your Roof

Roof integrity Now that winter is finally drawing to a close, and the mercury is slowly climbing back up the thermometer to comfortable levels, it’s time for homeowners to turn their minds to essential maintenance and repairs around the house. There is nothing more essential to the integrity of your home than your roof, so this should be your priority. Winter damages Winter is the season that can cause the most damage to the structural integrity of your home, and these negative effects are concentrated on the roof. There are three major threats brought about by winter weather, and they include; Snow Heavy snow can add up to 20 pounds of weight per cubic foot, and this can increase to 50 pounds per cubic foot if it thaws then refreezes. That kind of extra weight can damage not just your shingles but the actual structural support for your roof. Those damaged shingles can lead to very serious problems. Freeze and thaw cycles Particularly during early and late spring, snow and ice that collects and forms during the night can partially melt out during the day and then refreeze the following night. This can have disastrous consequences for your roof, asRead More…

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The 5 Most Common Roof Problems You Should be on a Lookout For

The roof, like every other part of your home, needs to be maintained. Sometimes, it’s the weather that causes trouble other times it is just time. As the roof gets older, the materials age and repairs get inevitable. Roof repairs can be a handful, and the roof repair costs can be pretty high if the problems aren’t treated when they first appear, our team at Ridgecon Construction present the 5 most common roof problems you might encounter in Macomb County. Top 5 Roof Problems Poor installation problems One of the most common problems homeowners have to face has to do with faulty or poor installation. This can dramatically reduce the roof’s life expectancy while increasing the likelihood of further problems. When the roof isn’t installed correctly, rain, wind, snow, ice, and debris can lead to moisture getting under the layers of the roof which might lead to leaks, rot, and mold. Improperly installed flashing is also a common problem. Flashing seals the penetrated areas of the roof (the areas where the heating and cooling system, vent pipes and chimneys are). When this is poorly attached, it can cause open seams, laps which might lead to tiles blowing-off. Pests under roofRead More…

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Get Your Roof Repaired Before the Stormy Weather Sets in

Autumn has once again rapidly approached! Fall can bring an array of unexpected weather in Michigan, so it is essential for you to evaluate your roof’s condition pronto. Inspect your roof Inspecting your roof right now has many advantages. Problems caught early can be solved while they are still minor. If you do discover damage, you can more comfortably budget overall roof repair cost. You can also avoid the domestic emergency of having to repair roof leakage, insulation problems or other damage while rain is pouring through a compromised section of your roof. So, if you have any questions about your roof’s current state, place a call to Ridgecon Construction, a professional roof repair company in Macomb, to have your roof evaluated. Before you say “My roof is in great condition, I don’t need anyone to inspect it,” please consider some of the most common problems that could escalate into a roofing nightmare, if you don’t act in time, of course. Holes in the roof First of all, you should inspect your roof for any potential holes. Leaks can do tremendous damage when the colder weather arrives. No one wants to see their furniture swimming for the gold medal. PestsRead More…

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Is it Best to Repair or Replace that Roof?

Many homeowners wonder: is it best to hire roof repair services or replace the roof? Experts estimate the cost of replacing a roof have nearly doubled in the last dozen years. That’s reason enough for homeowners to postpone roof replacement for as long as possible. And frankly, Ridgecon isn’t interested in pushing for a replacement if your roof still has some mileage left in it. Making a good decision is key to minimizing short and long term costs to you.