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roof with a skylight and solar panel in Detroit

How Does Summer Heat Affect Your Roof?

After a long cold winter, summer is just around the corner. And while winter is definitely the hardest season on your roof, summer brings its own threats with it. The most obvious one is summer storms, of course, and although these are usually short, they can be very violent. But if you’ve gone through our spring checklist for your roof and had any potential problems dealt with, you should be in pretty good shape to weather these without damage. Barring a direct hit from a falling tree, of course. Less obvious roof threats There are other less obvious but not less dangerous threats related to summer, and these are: UV Rays. Your roof is constantly exposed to UV rays, even on cloudy days and this exposure increases considerably during the long summer days with all those extra hours of sunlight. These rays dry out the oils in the materials your roof is made of, causing wood to become bleached, weaken and crack, especially if it is untreated, and asphalt shingles to buckle and possibly split. Heat. Your roof bears the brunt of the sun’s force and is exposed to a lot of heat during the summer. An unshaded roof canRead More…