free roof installation program

Safer at Home is a relative expectation. For many metro-Detroit homeowners, the conditions of their roof made sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic even more of a challenge than for others.

Helping our neighbors

Helping our neighbors who face this issue is a core value of Roofing Above All. In fact, we’ve installed a free roof over the heads of more than a dozen Michigan families in recent years. So when we heard about Cathy Klotzski’s situation, we were eager to offer a helping hand.

Cathy’s story

Cathy started hearing raccoons in her attic in early March 2020. At the height of Michigan’s COVID-19 surge, Cathy climbed onto her roof and found the rotted area where a family of raccoons had made their way in. Unfortunately, she struggled to find any help receiving a roof inspection, estimate, or repair. And, understandably, most animal control companies were not making home visits during that time.

racoons damaging roof

So, Cathy was left to worry about the extensive damage and annoyance this would cause during Michigan’s four-month period of stay-at-home restrictions. Thankfully, she found Roofing Above All’s free roof donation program online!

Within a few days of applying, Cathy heard back from us. And just a few weeks later, she had been approved and the free roof installation was scheduled!

On June 8, 2020, Matt Elie and the Roofing Above All crew were on-site for a swift and thorough roof replacement. This unique situation called for a wood repair and direct cooperation with animal control to free the raccoons out of the attic before replacing the roof.

All in all, Cathy was ecstatic. And Roofing Above All was happy to help one more in our community to feel truly safer and more comfortable under the shelter of her own home.

Watch Video Coverage of The Free Roof Installation Below